Coinbase Support Number

Coinbase Support Number

Why Should you contact Coinbase support number in case of an Issue?

Well why are you looking for coinbase support number ? When the cryptocurrencies were in their initial years, There were a lot of explorations were going on to find the uses of it. You could pay online for rent or money exchange. However, Then in 2012, the company was founded in San Francisco called ‘Coinbase’ which was a digital currency exchange. It was bound to revolutionize the entire cryptocurrency market. Why we are telling you about this, well so you can understand how big is the company.
Moreover, if you are using the service of this company, it's essential to know a little bit of history for it.  Now If you are facing some issues regarding it, you should know how to contact the coinbase support number. Now we are going to tell you about the problem; you can meet in the future. If you can solve them on your own efforts, then it's a good thing. Otherwise it would be wise to contact coinbase support number, let them know about the issue so that they can help you.  Let’s see what can be those issues.

Why do we need coinbase support number ?

There are three ways of enabling two-factor authentication. There are physical keys like yubikey. Then there is Google authenticator and SMS verification. We will begin with the physical keys issues. Let's say for any reason; your security key is not working. First thing you can do is to immediately contact Coinbase support number. They will guide you through the entire process.  The second way is to do these things. Let's see now. First, remove the key, insert it again. If a light appears again, then the key is excellent. If it is still not working, then close your browser, open it again. Check to see if it working. Even if now it is not working, then make sure to contact the key manufacturer. Again contacting on Coinbase support number would a Good decision. You should know if you have issue with physical keys, then you will have problem with Coinbase login.
Now let's say you want to update the security key to a fresh one. Here how to do it. Go to the website, Sign in. After that, Go to the security page. There you will see the security key name option. There click on ‘Manage.’  Again there is going to be an option of Security key management; their remove the key. Then there will be an option to add a new key, which you can do. There are detailed instructions on the page. However if the technical things are too complicated for you, it is better to get connected to coinbase support number to take help. If you made some mistakes, then there is a high chance you could lose your coinbase login details.
coinbase support number

The best of coinbase

If in an unforeseen situation, you lost your key and need to recover your account, then it's better to contact Coinbase support number because there are too many technical things involved here. You will get confused about them, take a misstep. However, if you want to recover the account on your own, then first complete the first steps of account recovery. Once you do it, all your provide 2FA details will get removed from the account. You will have to enter the details of new security key to complete the two-factor authentication.  However, again, we would advise you to get in touch with coinbase support number for clear & easy instructions.
Now, comes the last thing for a security key. How to remove it from the present two-factor authentication.  Login to your account, then Go to settings. There choose ‘ Manage,’ then ‘remove.’ When you do it, every setting which is linked to security key will be removed. However, if you have not any 2fA, then it's better to set it again. We do emphasis again on reaching to coinbase support number for any help you may need.

Using the authenticator app or Device

As we said before, there are three ways of using 2FA. First was the physical key.  The second way is to your smartphone as an authenticator.  Here it would help if you were more careful about using it, otherwise losing coinbase login details is a possibility. So to set up the authenticator, you first need to download the app from Apple iOS store or Google Play store. When you set it for the first time, there are instructions on the website to do it. If you can not do it, then Contact on the coinbase support number. They will help you to do it.
The next step is to know about the various issues surrounding it. If we to be blunt here, it is easier to use than a physical key .but if you began to face any problem with it, then it is more challenging to manage it.  Let's say somehow you have lost your Authenticator device or the app. Either your phone could be soten, or the app is getting crashed.  Here you have no way but to contact coinbase support number, inform them about the problem. They will walk you through to the next steps you need to take. However there is one thing you can do about it.  Choose the login issues from the option, then select two-factor authentication from the category.  Follow the instruction.


The second thing would be about changing your code or movie to a  new device. Here what you need to do?  Go to Coinbase login, then log in. Now go to security settings. There you need to generate a secret key which will help you to move from the old device.  Now you have to scan the new key on your new device to complete the process. Once you are done with it, your old device will be invalid to use. So be careful about it. Again if you are thinking, the process is too complicated, then it's better to reach out to Coinbase support number.
So, here we have told you some coinbase issue and how you can resolve it. The important thing is to reach out via Coinbase support number to get a clear cut step. It will save you time. I hope this blog has been helpful to you.